I graduated from San Diego State University’s Television, Film and New Media Production School, Magna Cum Laude, in 2009 and jumped straight into the production industry. Having grown up with a camera in my hand, making skate videos with my friends since I was 12, I am one of the fortunate people that turned a lifelong hobby into a profession, eventually working with high profile clients like MTV, Macy’s, Walmart, New Era, Wendy’s, UFC, Walgreens and Intel. 

Much of my recent experience is with a production company, VIMBY, based in Los Angeles to direct, film, and edit reality based branded integration for several large corporations looking to use real people and stories to advertise their products. Additionally, as a freelance cinematographer and editor, Ive had the opportunity to edit digital/broadcast toy commercials, DP over 100 travel videos across multiple continents, and even filmed former president Barack Obama.

I also love to travel and the best part of my job is getting paid to see the world and meet people from various countries and cultures. I am very fortunate that my career path has led me to nearly every state in the US as well as Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Costa Rica, Peru, The Bahamas and El Salvador.