Nissan Conference, LA. Camera Operator. One 10 Productions. Sept. 2019

H4U Video Series. Editor. SSD Films. Sept. 2019

Little Tikes: More than Toys, Summer, Fall, Holiday. Editor. VIMBY. July 2019

UFC Fight Pass Parties. DP/Editor/Post Supervisor. Plush. June 2019

Pixie Belles Web Series/Broadcast Commercial. Editor. Silo Films. June 2019

Intel/NCAA Sizzle. Editor. VIMBY. May 2019

Candylocks Web Series 1-8. Editor. Silo Films. April 2019

Emily Tanner Yoga Journey. Director/DP. Editor. Rebel Labs LLC. April 2019

Chevron: Day in the Life, Richmond CA. Camera Op. VIMBY. March 2019

Johnson & Johnson Burke Award/Intel Sizzle. Editor.VIMBY. March 2019

MGA: Little Tikes Project Play Big. Camera Operator. VIMBY. Feb. 2019

Hershey’s: When Hershey Married Reeses. DoP. VIMBY. Feb. 2019

Angels and Demons Valentines Party with Cardi B. Livestream Camera Operator. Ignite. Feb. 2019

Cheerios MOG Breakfast Bowl Goals: Dallas, Texas. DoP. VIMBY. Jan. 2019

Chevron S.A.M Interviews. Director/DP. VIMBY. Jan. 2019

Fitness Videos. Camera Operator/Editor. Rebel Labs LLC. Jan. 2019


Spin Master Twisty’s. Editor. Silo Films. Sept. 2018

Flowertown Testimonials. DP. VIMBY. August 2018

Politico: HubHaus. Director/DP. VIMBY. August 2018

PGA MultiCultural Heroes. Editor. Mitu. August 2018

MetaTouch: Promo Director/DP/Editor. Jerad Cullen Films. July 2019

Nissan Conference, Las Vegas. Camera Op. One 10 Productions. June 2018

Nature Valley with Dax Shepard. Camera Operator. Omaze. June 2018

LaurDIY Product Promos. Editor. Silo Films. June 2018

Toyota Tundra/World Cup. Camera Operator/Editor. Mitu. June 2018

Live Your Best with Brent Fikowski. Grip/Gaffer. Zevia. June 2018

Oceans 8 Promo. Director of Photography. Wired. May 2018

Culturati LA Interviews. Camera Operator. 1159 Creative. May 2019 

Spin Master Party Pop Teenies. Editor. Silo Films. May 2018

Pfizer/The Daily Beast: Cure Hunters. Editor. VIMBY. Feb-July 2018

Gnarly Comedy Special. Editor. Steve O & Ball Bag Prod. Feb 2018

Delta Filmmaker Series. Editor. Mitu. January 2018


Metro PCS presents Holiday Edition. Editor. Mitu. December 2017

Spartan Race/Big Bear CA. Camera Op. Transition Productions. Oct. 2017

UFC 217 Promos. Director of Photography. Plush. October 2017

Netflix Presents Binge Racer. Camera Operator. VIMBY. Sept 2017

Chevron presents The Chevron Way. DP/Editor. VIMBY. Sept. 2017

Youtube Red presents The Ultimate Expedition. Digital Camera Operator/Digital Editor. Rabbit Films. August 2017

WIN PLACE SHOW. Camera Operator. Penns Lane Entertainment. July 2017

MLB presents Celebrate with Flair. Editor. Mitu. July 2017

Ballet Now. Assistant Camera. Ballet Now Productions. July 2017

General Mills Presents Box Tops: Vista Academy. Director/DP/Editor. VIMBY. June 2017

D3 Minions Serenata. Editor. Mitu. June 2017

UFC 211 Promos. Director of Photography. VIMBY. May 2017

Walgreens/Red Nose Day Presents Ride for Red Nose Day. DP/Editor. VIMBY. May 2017

MLB presents Blind Seats with Anaheim Angels. Editor. Mitu. May 2017

Walgreens/Red Nose Day presents Facebook Live Campaign. Camera Operator. VIMBY. March 2017

Metro PCS presents Legit Local Latin X. Editor. Mitu. March 2017

Cash Cash/Cup Noodles Promo. Camera Op/Editor. Ketchum. March 2017

Budlight presents UFC 209 Tyron Woodley Promo. Director/DP/Editor. VIMBY.  Feb. 2017

Madden America. Editor. All In Productions. Jan. 2017

Lightworkers presents Jordan Smith and Roma Downey. DP/Editor. VIMBY. Dec. 2016

Club Med presents Columbus Isle. Director/Dp/Editor. Jerad Cullen Films. Dec. 2016

Lightworkers presents The Golden Rule “Share a Meal”. DP/Editor. VIMBY. Nov. 2016

LA Auto Show/Toyota Facebook Live. Camera Operator. Take 2 Productions. Nov. 2016

Allied Premiere Facebook Live. Camera Operator. Take 2 Productions. Nov. 2016

Microsoft presents Jess Rotter and The Microsoft Surface Pro. Director/DP/Editor. Hypebeast. Nov. 2016

Club Med presents Punta Cana Instameet. Director/DP/Editor. Jerad Cullen Films. Oct. 2016

Disney/Hallmark. DP/Editor. VIMBY. Oct. 2016

Walgreens Medicare Initiative. DP/Editor. VIMBY. August 2016

Kleenex presents Moments of Good Campaign. DP/Editor. VIMBY. Aug. 2016

UFC Fight Pass Presents Fight Pass Fanatics Series. Director/DP. VIMBY. July 2016

Walgreens Presents Red Nose Day Campaign. DP/Editor. VIMBY. May 2016

Americas Greatest Makers Webisodes. DP/Editor. VIMBY. April 2016

Gobe: Australia/New Zealand Promotional Videos. DP. Hiker. Jan 2016


Intel Presents: Americas Greatest Makers Digital Series. Director/DP/Editor. VIMBY. Sept. 2015

MyLifeAsEva Music Video. BTS Camera/Grip/Editor. Select Next. April 2015

Americas Community Network Digital Series. Director/DP/Editor. VIMBY. March-Sept 2015

Divine Intervention. DP/Editor. VIMBY. Feb. 2015

Dignity Health, San Bernadino Promotion. Assistant Camera. Jim Farber Studios. Feb. 2015

CosmoBody Fitness. DoP/Editor. VIMBY. March-Nov. 2014