GoBe: Australia and New Zealand Tour

I had the pleasure of working with Hiker and GoBe to produce a series of travel/vacation videos throughout Australia and New Zealand. 80+ Production days,  60+ locations, 100+ videos. This is a highlight I put together of some of my favorite shots and locations from the epic journey. Director of Photography.

Youtube Red presents: ultimate expedition

I was part of the digital editing crew for Ultimate Expedition. We lived at base camp on Mt. Tocllaraju at 14,000 ft elevation for a month, shooting, ingesting, and live editing the digital content for the 10 contestants. Digital Editor.

Americas Greatest Makers: BMX meets Curie

America’s Greatest Makers was a competition television series designed to find the greatest makers/inventions. We were tasked with creating a digital counterpart series which included a recap show, how to videos, and inventor/invention vignettes. This video was my favorite out of the series because of my background in action sports allowed me to flex some creative muscle on this shoot. Director. DP. Editor.

Americas Community network: The Prodigy

America’s Community Network was a project designed to showcase real people and stories from around Southern California. Brad Deberti was a young up and coming racer and his relationship with his father has since become the subject of Discovery television series Twin Turbos. Director. DP. Editor.

UFC 209: Tyron Woodley

I have always been a fan of the UFC and its athletes and Ive had the opportunity, on several occasions, to shoot and edit promos for PPV events. This was a fun shoot with Tyron Woodley in the lead up to UFC 209: Woodley vs Thompson 2. The client wanted to avoid most of the fight talk and really get to know Tyron outside of the Octagon so we focused on his personality rather just his athletic ability. Director. DP. Editor.

Zevia: A healthier lifestyle with greg lutzka

I grew up making skate videos with my friends so working with Greg Lutzka on this shoot for Zevia was a dream come true. Director of Photography. Director/Editor: Nelson Brazil

CLub Med Columbus Isle

I worked with Club Med on this project to create a promotional video for their Columbus Isle location. They wanted to showcase the beauty of the resort while appealing to a younger generation of members and travelers. Director of Photography. 2nd Camera: Ryan Pesecky


I worked as the Director of Photography and Lead Editor for the LA based portion of this project that consisted of 400+ fitness, lifestyle, and health videos shot simultaneously in Los Angeles and New York. We worked directly with experts and Cosmo Magazine executives to craft a unique fitness experience with the “Cosmo” voice. Director of Photography. Lead Editor.

Red Nose Day

For the past few years I was fortunate to work with Walgreens on their RED NOSE DAY campaign. This shoot involved following a group of cyclists from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas and updating their progress via Facebook and Instagram daily. I edited this video on the last day to be shown at the press conference in Las Vegas hours after their arrival. Director of Photography. Editor. 2nd Camera Operator: Max Bingham